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What is Solution-focused Therapy?. dandy

What is Solution-focused Therapy?

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) was developed as a variant of Brief Therapy, an approach created by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg and colleagues at the Brief Family Therapy Centre in Milwaukee in 1978. The solution-focused approach broke away from sticking with the problem, and shifted towards focusing on the times when the problem did not occur. Rather than a change in philosophy or theoretical shift, SFBT placed the emphasis on developing discussion on hopes for the future as opposed to an evaluation of problem behaviour. In doing so, it became clear that difficulties were not present continuously and that even entrenched and chronic problems had times when they were less pronounced.

SFBT works on strengths and focused on life without the problem and it places the client at the centre of change. Solution-focused therapy looks at changing the thought pattern - what would life be like if the problem was no longer there? The problem is still acknowledged and listened to - as in Counselling - but solution-focused therapy is tailored differently and works to move us out of a cycle of negativity.

It is suitable for all but if you don't feel that the Solution-focused approach is right for you, it's not a problem. There are no tie-ins and you are under no obligation to continue sessions. If I can't help, I will usually know someone who can!

Basic Philosophy and Assumptions of Solution-focused Practice

  • Clients are the experts and define their hopes
  • They have resources and strengths to solve their problems
  • The future and possibilities are focused on
  • Emphasis is on what is possible and changeable
  • Therapy is brief , not long-term

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