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Solution-Focused Counselling for Adults, Teenagers and Children

Based in Newbury, West Berkshire but also available on Zoom/Skype.

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Talk Through It

Welcome to Talk Through It. My name is Gerry Spatharis and I am a Solution-focused therapist. Over the last decade, there has been a massive increase in anxiety and stress in adults, children and adolescents, especially since the pandemic and post-covid. This service aims to tackle that increase. I believe that everyone has the power to change and I work hard to help others see that.

Adults affected by anxiety and stress will find solution-focused therapy refreshing. Sometimes it is hard to see a way forward but by talking through issues and noticing what works, the solution-focused approach can help change the negative cycle and steer you towards a more positive goal. Solution-focused therapy is a pro-active approach, where you are the centre of change.

Is Talk Through It right for you?

I use the Solution-focused approach as my preferred method but am also trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Solution-focused therapy is different to counselling. I favour it, because rather than discussing the problem repeatedly, it begins to steer you towards looking at life without the problem, and in doing so, helps move you out of the cycle you currently find yourself in. You can choose whether you wish to talk about the problem and then move forward, or move forward without doing so. Since solution-focused therapy is based on what works for you and how to get there, the problem is not necessary to discuss in detail.

The relationship between client and practitioner is key. One Session does not commit you. Whatever the issue, hopefully, by coming to see me you will feel more supported and able to cope. You may decide that it's not for you - and that's ok.

The first session is usually around 60 mins, but subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.

Face-to-face or Zoom?

Although I am a Newbury, West Berkshire-based Solution-focused Practitioner I am available for bookings over Skype or Zoom. This means that you don't have to travel to talk. Please go to the Remote, Locations and Prices tab to book an online session.

Those who are concerned that sessions over the internet might not work as well as face-to-face ones, need not be. They are just as good and especially if you prefer to be in the comfort of your own home, without travelling to Newbury!

As an adult, you may be..

  • experiencing disillusionment in a career
  • unable to see your way out of an issue
  • struggling with family life
  • struggling with self-doubt
  • not able to see what you want out of life
  • becoming angry at seemingly small things

    This is just a small example of issues you may be experiencing

  • For those seeking help for children and adolescents:

    Typical issues occurring in children/teenagers:

  • extreme reactions to minor incidents.
  • exhibiting uncontrollable bursts of anger
  • panicking and finding it difficult to cope.
  • finding family-life emotionally charged
  • anxiety over parent separation
  • excessive anger in relationships with siblings

  • continually going over the same thoughts or problems
  • becoming insular and inward-thinking
  • feeling low and lacking self-confidence
  • having problems relating to people
  • unable to make friends

  • struggling with school work, expectations or peers
  • being disruptive in lessons
  • anger and frustration in school
  • inability to focus when in class/at work
  • anxiety about school or work
  • worrying about judgement from others
  • struggling to get into school each day
  • concern about gender issues

    Talk Through It is open to all parents or guardians, schools, and other establishments, without the need to go through your GP.

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    A little about my background

    I have been in the Education sector for over 27 years, as a secondary school teacher, behaviour specialist and a Solution-focused therapist. I have worked in both Secondary schools and Primary - independent and state, day and boarding (as a therapist), and have a wealth of experience. I have worked extensively with the local Council and have worked closely with Edcational Psychologists, Educational Welfare Officers, CAMHS, local schools, SENCOs.

    I first trained in Solution-focused therapy in 2003 through Eileen Murphy Consultants and continued to keep focus on that path, more recently reinforcing that training in 2018 with Solution Focused Trainers Ltd.

    I am a member of the UKASFP (United Kingdom Association of Solution Focused Practitioners).

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    Professional Qualifications

    IASTI certification of Solution-Focused Practitioners
    Solution Focused Practice Certificate - Solution Focused Trainers Ltd.
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 3
    Foundation Training in teaching Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (Oxford Mindfulness Centre).
    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Cert.
    Solution-Focused Brief Therapy - Children, Young People and Families (Eileen Murphy)
    Solution-Focused Brief Therapy - Prevention and Intervention (Eileen Murphy)
    Counselling Certificates (CPCAB)
    P.G.C.E. English
    B.A.(Hons) English and Art

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    Member of UKASFP (UK Association for Solution-Focused Practice)
    I work to the BACP code of practice.
    (See the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.)

    The Aim

    I aim to support:

    Adults, teenagers and children where there is a gap, to ease the pressures and stresses of growing up in a technologically, fast-paced world and to give back self-confidence and reassurance to those navigating the turbulent waters of life.

    Not sure? Click on the Testimonials page.

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    'Problem talk creates problems. Solution talk creates solutions.' Steve de Shazer

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